Chinese Food Calgary – Lunch Menu Daily

We’re offering Upper Scale Chinese food in Calgary. Our lunch menu offers fresh dim sum in Calgary

Classic Dim Sum
1) Superior Dumpling in Consomme
2) Colourful Crab Meat & Scallop Dumpling
3) Steamed Scallop & Shrimp with Black Truffle
4) Golden Sands Prawn Dumplings
5) Preserved Meat & Fish Meat Ball (NEW)
6) Steamed Pork Shao Mai with Fish Roe
7) Chicken Feet in Special Sauce
8) Steamed Spareribs with Golden Garlic
9) Steamed Squid in Shrimp Paste Sauce
10) Steamed Beef Tripe
11) Bean Curd Wraps w/ Shrimp & Minched Pork
12) Chiu Style Pork & Peanut Dumpling
13) Shanghai Dumplings
14) Sticky Rice Rolls
15) Curry Cuttle Fish
16) Beef Balls
17) Beef Tendon & Tripe with 5 spices
18) Golden Sands Sticky Rice Wrapped
19) Pork Hock in Preserved Red Bean Curd Sauce
20) Special Seafood Rolls w/ Mayo (NEW)

21) Swan Taro Puff
22) Crispy fish Pastry Bao in Thai Sauce
23) Fish Paste Pancakes
24) Deep Fried Minced Pork Dumplings
25) Deep Fried Eggplant with Prawn Paste
26) Pan Fried Bean Curd Wraps with Shrimp
27) Deep Fried Prawn Spring Rolls
28) Pan Fried Turnip Cake
29) Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings w/Mayo (NEW)
30) Grilled Pork Dumplings

Sweet Dim Sum/Dessert
31) Steamed Egg Yolk Buns
32) Egg Custard Tarts
33) Honey Egg Twists
34) Steamed Sponge Cake w/ Brown Sugar
35) Balced Egg White Bowl
36) Mango Pudding
37) Deep Fried Green Tea Ball (NEW)
38) Honeycomb Cake (NEW)
39) Green Bean & Century Egg Pastry (NEW)
40) Green Tea Durian Ball (NEW)

Speciality Bun/Pastry
42) Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
43) Pan Fried Beef Tenderlion Bun
44) Baked Hong Kong Style BBQ Bun
45) Crispy BBQ Pork Pastry
46) Deep Fried Plain Bun with Condensed Milk (NEW)
47) Deep Fried Silk Thread Roll (Optional: Steamed) (NEW)

Rice Crepes
50) Special Seafood Rice Crepe
51) Rice Crepe with Fish Meat
52) Rice Crepe w/ Prawn
53) Rice Crepe w/ Beef & Egg
54) Dried Shrimp & Cilantro Rice Crepe
55) Chinese Donut Rice Crepe
56) Rice Crepe with BBQ Pork
57) Steamed Plain Rice Crepe
58) Chinese Donut

61) House Special Seafood Congee
62) Pork Liver & Fish Congee
63) Pumpkin & Fish Congee
64) Sliced Pork w/ Mustard Green Congee
65) Lean Pork & Preserved Egg Congee
66) Chef’s Special Congee
67) Plain Congee

Rice & Noodle
71) Golden Sand Chow Mein
72) Special Seafood Chow Mein
73) Pan Beef Tenderlion w/ Knife Cut Noodles
74) Pan Fried Seafood w/ Knife Cut Noodles
75) Fried Flat Rice Noodles w/ Beef
76) Pan Fried Seafood w/ Two Kinds Vermicelli
77) Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli
78) Beef Brisket Knife Cut Noodle Soup
89) Pan Fried Pork w/ Crystal Noodles
80) Egg White Fried Rice w/ Dried Scallop
81) House Special Fried Rice w/ Prawns Scallop
82) Beef Brisket Fried Noodle
83) Salty Fish & Chicken Fried Rice in XO Sauce

Chef’s Special
84) Rainbow Vermicelli
85) Daikon Cake w/ Spicy XO Sauce
86) Salt & Pepper Golden Capelin Fish
87) Prawns w/ Salty Egg
88) Deep fried Tofu w/ Egg Yolks
89) Salt & Chilli Pepper Tofu
90) Salt & Chilli Pepper Squid Calamari
91) Salt & Chilli Pepper Squid Tentacle
92) Rice Crepe Hot Pot w/ Beef Brisket & Tendon
93) Crystal Noodles w/ Beef Brisket & Tendon
94) Sautéed Pea Leaves in Abalone Sauce
95) Stir Fried Gain Lan w/ Ginger
96) Pan Fried Beef Tendon w/ Spicy Peppers
97) Prawns & Honey Glazed Walnuts
98) Pig Trotters in Ginger Sweetened Vinegar
99) Sliced Marinated Beef Flank
100) Lemon Grass Pork Chop
101) Deep Fried Filefish in Meggie Sauce (NEW)

Chinese Food Calgary – Dinner Menu
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